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How Effective Is Physical Therapy In The Treatment Of Tennis Elbow Injuries?

View on Youtube: Physical Therapy For Tennis Elbow: What If It Doesn’t Help?

If your Doctor prescribes Physical Therapy for your Tennis Elbow, but it doesn’t help – What then?

OR if you’ve yet to see your Doctor, how likely are Physical Therapy treatments to help you fully recover from your Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow?

(Or at least put you well on your way to healing and recovery in a reasonable period of time?)

In this podcast video, Allen Willette, from Tennis Elbow Classroom, addresses these difficult (and potentially controversial) questions, including:

First of all, how is Lateral Epicondylitis or ‘Tennis Elbow’ treated in a P.T. or Physiotherapy clinic?

Physical Therapy is a system for rehabilitation that has many different applications and treatments known as ‘Modalities.’

And here are the top five most common Physical Therapy Modalities used to treat and rehabilitate Tennis Elbow.

  1. Therapeutic Exercise – Rehab exercises that you do in the clinic with machines, weights or various resistance devices (and likely later on your own at home.)

  2. Cryotherapy – Ice and cold packs, ostensibly to “reduce” inflammation, (however inflammation is a natural part of the healing process, and not even significantly present in most Tennis Elbow cases.)

  3. Therapeutic Ultrasound or Ultrasonography – Ultrasound uses sound waves to heat or “stimulate” the muscles and tendons or other tissues involved.

  4. Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy – A more powerful sound or “shockwave” that’s used to stimulate the tendons.

  5. E-stim / Electrical Stimulation (or Electrotherapy) – Electrodes are attached to your skin and a current is pulsed through them into your muscles causing them to involuntarily contract.

If you have Tennis Elbow and see your Doctor for it, there’s a good chance you’ll be prescribed a series of Physical Therapy treatments (along with Anti-inflammatory pills and a brace.)

Now, there’s no question that P.T. or ‘Physiotherapy’ treatment helps some Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow sufferers recover…

However, it also seems to dissapoint a large number of sufferers – And in many cases that’s after dozens of clinical visits, MONTHS of hard work and lost time and energy that’s gone forever.

Why is it that clinical Physical Therapy treatments often don’t help Tennis Elbow sufferers recover?

There’s a key part that’s often missing, in my opinion. See the full article for my rationale.

Read the full article: How Effective Is P.T. for Tennis Elbow?

(Originally published on: https://tenniselbowclassroom.com )

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Tennis Elbow Surgery: How Do You Know When It’s Time To Start Considering It? [Video]

Watch on YouTube here: Tennis Elbow Surgery – How Do You Know When It’s Time? (Lateral Epicondylitis)

Via Tennis Elbow Classroom

When you have an extremely stubborn, chronic case of Lateral Epicondylitis or Medial Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s Elbow)

And you’ve been struggling with for it months – Or maybe even for years!

► When should you realistically begin to consider surgery as a treatment option?

► How do you know if you’re a good candidate for a surgical procedure or not?

► And when is it time to abandon more conservative treatment options, because you’ve tried hard enough and long enough?

(These are not easy thoughts to face or questions to deal with for anyone who considers surgery a last resort!)

I hope this episode helps you in your decision making process, if you find yourself starting to wonder!

Here’s my full, detailed post on this difficult question if you’d like to look at a few other considerations:

Tennis Elbow Surgery: When It’s Time? – (Five Key Points)

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Tennis Elbow 101: A Free Video Intro Course

Tennis Elbow 101

Get your free Tennis Elbow 101 video course here

Get a better perspective on your Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow injury!

Tennis Elbow 101 is a free, “beginners” educational video series for both Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow sufferers.

(This course is also for those who have been struggling with their injuries for months and looking for a better perspective!)

Test, assess and self-diagnose your injury – Learn more about the cause and true nature of Golfer’s and Tennis Elbow – And discover a better treatment strategy! –

Learn more and subscribe to Tennis Elbow 101 here

What You’ll Learn And Get Out Of This Free Course:

  • Learn how to test and “diagnose” yourself – Determine, quickly and easily, whether you have Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s Elbow…

  • Discover the true nature of your injury – It’s often said to be “Tendonitis” – But discover why it isn’t and why “inflammation” is NOT a problem (and what you need to focus on instead),

  • See why the “common wisdom approach” is wrong – And why the “standard treatments” for Golfer’s and Tennis Elbow are completely misdirected and usually a big mistake,

  • Discover a seemingly contradictory alternative treatment strategy – That will surprise you with its logical, sensible approach…

Learn more and subscribe to Tennis Elbow 101 here

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What Is Selfie Elbow?

Is “Selfie Elbow” Really A NEW Medical Condition? (Or Just Tennis Elbow In Disguise?)

If your arm or elbow is starting to hurt from taking too many selfies, you may have the latest trendy Tech Injury, many are starting to call “Selfie Elbow.”

(Selfie Elbow is pain in the elbow caused by holding ones arm fully extended and putting one’s wrist in an awkward position to snap pictures of oneself over and over – AKA taking “selfie” pics.)

This video still applies, however, whether the pain you’re starting to feel is in your elbow, wrist or fingers – And whether it’s related to typing, texting OR selfie taking using your computer, tablet OR smartphone.

Because it appears that Selfie Elbow is just another, newer form of Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s Elbow.

(Lateral Epicondylitis or Medial Epicondylitis, or better yet, Epicondylosis or Epicondylopathy)

The same principles apply to this “new” Overuse Injury as with other Repetitive Strain Injuries.

The story that sparked a viral media buzz storm on this topic this summer was broken by Elle on June 30th, 2016.

“Selfie Elbow” Is a Real Medical Thing Now

It focused on Hoda Kotb, (a journalist and co-anchor of NBC’s Today Show) who was complaining of elbow pain to her Doctor, (and perhaps on the show) who asked her if she was playing a lot of tennis or ping pong.

She said that she didn’t play those games but had been taking a lot of selfie pics!

Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel HERE

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And for an in-depth look, see my post:

Selfie Elbow 101: What Is It And How Do You Treat It?


Where you’ll also find video self-help home rehab programs for both Golfer’s and Tennis Elbow.


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Platelet-Rich Plasma For Treating Lateral Epicondylitis: Does It Work? [Video]

Could Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy be a new Tennis Elbow treatment breakthrough? – Or is it actually an expensive, unproven fad, driven by rock star-athlete publicity and questionable medical studies?

It certainly looks like it could be a promising, new approach to stubborn, chronic tendon problems, but the answer may not be clear just yet…

Here’s my full, detailed article on PRP and Tennis Elbow

Addressing the following questions Continue Reading »

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Who Is Tennis Elbow Tutor?

If you’ve been browsing my site or watching the videos on my Tennis Elbow Classroom YouTube channel, you may be wondering “Who’s this ‘Tennis Elbow Tutor’ guy?… What does he know about treating Tennis Elbow?… And why should you listen to me?” (You might also be wondering, “What’s this bee-sting thing you keep mentioning?”)

My name is Allen Willette, and in this video I finally share the incredibly frustrating experience of my ‘Wrist Extensor Tenosynovitis’ injury 25 years ago, all my struggles and crazy attempts to recover from it…
Continue Reading »

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New Golfers Elbow Self-Help Home Program

Announcing a new Golfers Elbow self treatment  program

New Golfer’s Elbow Self-Help Home Treatment Program Now Available

How to permanently break your vicious cycle of Golfer’s Elbow pain at home with this new all-video, self-help treatment, stretching and exercise video program.

This detailed, HD video guide – (composed of 3 therapy techniques, 3 stretches and 3 exercises) – will help you finally overcome your “Medial Epicondylitis” – By specifically targeting and treating the root of the problem in your muscles and tendons…

Learn more about the Golfer’s Elbow Program here.

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Yoga Injuries And Joint Hypermobility

Yoga Related Elbow Injuries

Views from 5 Yoga experts on Yoga injury risks – Especially Elbow Hyperextension injuries in Hypermobile Women.

Source: storify.com

Allen Willette, of Tennis Elbow Classroom, explores some of the risks of Yoga-related injury; compiling advice and perspectives from five (+) Yoga authorities on avoiding elbow, wrist and other joint injuries while practicing Yoga – Especially of concern for hypermobile Women.

See on ScoopIt: Yoga Injuries And Joint Hypermobility

If you practice Yoga, and have a degree of joint Hypermobility, be careful that you don’t “Hyperextend” your elbows, especially in certain upper-body, weight-bearing positions.

This may be particularly important if you have Tennis Elbow – In which case, it might be wise to temporarily avoid these and a few other “extended elbow” poses. (Where you’re putting weight on your arms.)

If you have a tendency toward Hypermobility due to Ligament Laxity (looseness) it’s possible to damage your elbow joint by overstretching already lax ligaments.

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Which “Gym” Exercises Should You Avoid When You Have Tennis Elbow?

Which upper-body strength-training exercises should you avoid, stop or modify when you have a Tennis Elbow injury?

Does it matter whether you use dumbbells or barbells? And is it better to do more ‘general’ exercises or be more ‘targeted’ and specific?
Continue Reading »

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Can You Keep Working Out With Weights When You Have Tennis Elbow?

Should you continue to lift weights or do upper-body strength-training exercises if you have a Tennis Elbow injury?… What if was caused by weight lifting in the first place?

Continue Reading »

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Why Isn’t Your Tennis Elbow Injury Healing?

VIDEO 4 In The “Two-Minute Tennis Elbow Tutorials” Series

If your Tennis Elbow hasn’t improved in several months or longer you’re probably wondering why it hasn’t healed by now – Or if it’s healing at all!…

Chances are, you’re finding out (the hard way, with great frustration!) it’s not enough to treat it drugs, ice, and braces – rest it a while – and expect it to heal, like they say…

The Two-Minute Tennis Elbow Tutorial Video Series
Continue Reading »

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The Tennis Elbow Inflammation Fallacy Part 2: Proof It’s Not Inflammatory

VIDEO #3 In The “Two-Minute Tennis Elbow Tutorial” Series

Is your Tennis Elbow “Inflamed?” – Probably not. Here’s the proof Tennis Elbow is NOT an inflammatory condition, and why the inflammation-fighting treatment approach is a dead end, and may do you more harm than good.

Here’s part one of The Inflammation Fallacy

Continue Reading »


The Tennis Elbow Inflammation Fallacy: Why You Don’t Have To Fight It [VIDEO]

VIDEO #2 In The “Two-Minute Tennis Elbow Tutorial” Series

Inflammation: It’s the biggest #TennisElbow myth of all time! Here’s why you don’t have to chase, treat and worry about it – And why the inflammation-fighting approach is a dead end, and may do you more harm than good. Two-Minute Tutorial Video Intro

Continue Reading »

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Will A Tennis Elbow Brace Help You HEAL? [Video]

A Two-Minute Tennis Elbow Tutorial Video

The issue is not whether braces, bands and other supports can relieve Tennis Elbow pain – Many treatments and remedies can temporarily relieve pain.

The real question is: Will wearing a support help your injury HEAL better and faster?

Continue Reading »

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Two Minute Tennis Elbow Tutorial Video Series

I’m kicking off a new Tennis Elbow video series in a ‘Two-Minute Tutorial’ style.

Here’s the Two-Minute Tennis Elbow Tutorial playlist on my YouTube Channel

(Be sure to subscribe while you’re there to get the latest one right away.)

Continue Reading »

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Tennis Elbow Healing: How Long Does It Take – Weeks, Months Or YEARS!?

Some Tennis Elbow injuries take just weeks to heal, while others take months – even years! And a quick search of medical websites reveals a wide range of “typical” recovery times, and no single, solid answer. Why is that?

How Long Does Tennis Elbow Take To Heal
Continue Reading »

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Tennis Elbow Rehab: Concentric Vs. Eccentric Exercise [Video]

There’s a lot of talk lately about the benefits of ‘Eccentric Exercise’ in Tennis Elbow rehab – But can one type of muscle contraction be that much more effective? – Or is the eccentric approach just another “gimmicky” exercise fad?

Full article, video and podcast on Eccentric Exercise

Continue Reading »

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Tennis Elbow Treatment: R.I.C.E. + Rest = Rust?

Does rest have any real value in treating your Tennis Elbow?

Treatment of Tennis Elbow: Rest Is Rust

Treating Tennis Elbow: Rest Is Rust

You usually hear how important it is to rest it as much as you can “While it heals”

But the belief that healing will “just happen” in a nice, orderly fashion while you’re resting, hoping and waiting is often wishful thinking when it comes to tendon injuries like Tennis Elbow.

See the full post: How essential is rest in the treatment of Tennis Elbow? (Video and podcast)

And learn why “You should rest it!” is not necessarily very helpful advice when treating these tendon problems (especially since it’s often Tendinosis)…

Hopefully before you waste several months resting – only to find your injury is no better.

Video: Why You Don’t Need To Rest Your Tennis Elbow

Watch this video on my channel: Forget Rest When Treating Your Tennis Elbow

See the full post with video and podcast on rest and Tennis Elbow Treatment along with dozens more posts, podcasts and videos.

On Scoop.It: Other Tennis Elbow Treatment stories

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Why Don’t The Pros Get Tennis Elbow?

Image of Tennis Player: Pros And Tennis ElbowThe general perception seems to be that professional tennis players don’t get Tennis Elbow…

They definitely do – although it does seems to be a rarity, so perhaps the question is:

“Why do pros get Tennis Elbow much less frequently than amateurs do, considering how much tennis they play?”

VIDEO, Post and Podcast: Tennis Pros And Elbow Injuries – Do They Get Them?

Continue Reading »

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Does Treating Tennis Elbow With Cortisone Shots – Do More Harm Than Good?

The Cortisone shot is the very definition of the “quick fix” when it comes to treating Tennis Elbow – It can often almost magically “disappear” pain, sometimes giving full relief in the short term. But at what cost…

Video on why Cortisone may not be such a good treatment for Tennis Elbow

Image of Syringe: Cortisone Shots For The Treatment Of Tennis Elbow

Continue Reading »

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Why Tennis Elbow Exercises Don’t Always Help

What If Tennis Elbow Exercises Don’t Work And They Only Make Your Elbow Pain Worse?

The essential exercises every Tennis Elbow sufferer needs are easy enough to learn – But it’s not always so easy to know when the right time is to do them.

If you begin your exercises at the right point in your healing process they should help your rehab and recovery from your Elbow Tendonitis…

BUT, if you do them at the wrong time they can all too easily aggravate your injury, cause you more pain and set you back in your recovery.

Read the full article with video on Tennis Elbow Exercises here (And over a dozen more articles and videos.)

Continue Reading »

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The Best Treatment for Tennis Elbow?

What’s the best remedy or treatment for Tennis Elbow healing, pain relief and recovery?

You have your anti-inflammatory pills, ice therapy, braces and bands – then there are the Lotions, potions, and gimmick devices… And don’t forget the dreaded Cortisone shot!

The problem is that Tennis Elbow can be extremely, stubbornly resistant to nearly everything you throw at it: Conventional treatments, remedies and so-called cures alike – In other words, they’re often useless – Why is that?

More about treatment for Tennis Elbow including dozens of articles and videos.

Tennis Elbow Treatment Program Card ImageFor a complete, self-help video program to help you break the vicious Tennis Elbow cycle – and end the pain finally and forever, please visit Tennis Elbow Classroom

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Treatment for Tennis Elbow: Braces – Bad Idea

Should you wear a brace as a treatment for Tennis Elbow?

There are all kind of braces, splints, wraps, straps and taping techniques often recommended to you when you have Tennis Elbow…

But I’m just going to tell it to you straight: I think the only these “supports” support most of the time is the revenue of those who make and sell them. (Notice the absence of ads for such things here.)

This video explains why they are not helpful (most of the time) – And how they can even slow your healing and recovery.

More about treatment for Tennis Elbow including dozens of articles and videos.

Tennis Elbow Treatment Program Card ImageFor a complete, self-help video program to help you break the vicious Tennis Elbow cycle – and end the pain finally and forever, please visit Tennis Elbow Classroom

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Treatment For Tennis Elbow: Don’t Use Ice!

Should you use ice therapy as a treatment for your Tennis Elbow?

No, it’s actually not a good way to treat Tennis Elbow at all – This video reveals why, despite the “common wisdom” and ALL the advice by authorities and medical websites, ice is of no benefit to treating and healing your Elbow Tendonitis:

More about treatment for Tennis Elbow including dozens of articles and videos.

Tennis Elbow Treatment Program Card ImageFor a complete, self-help video program to help you break the vicious Tennis Elbow cycle – and end the pain finally and forever, please visit Tennis Elbow Classroom

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What are the advantages of using ultrasound imaging vs. MRI to analyze a tendinopathy at the lateral epicondyle of the humerus?

My answer to What are the advantages of using ultrasound imaging vs. MRI to analyze a tendinopathy at the lateral e…

Answer by Allen Willette:

For those who may not have familiarity with it, Ultrasound Imaging or 'Diagnostic Ultrasound' to distinguish it from ‘Therapeutic Ultrasound,’ (a treatment modality used in Physical Therapy) is like an X-ray, except that it uses sound waves – and it's not a static picture, but a dynamic, “video-like” image, viewed on a screen in real-time.

The advantages, when it comes to imaging the tendons and other soft tissues at and around the Lateral Epicondyle for diagnosing Tennis Elbow and other conditions, are:

  • It's relatively cheap and easy, costing a fraction of what an MRI costs,
  • It takes much less time and involves much less of an inconvenience than an MRI scan,
  • There are no EMFs or X-rays – The imaging subjects you to neither ionizing gamma rays (X-ray) nor a massive electromagnetic field, (MRI) which, I can’t help but wonder about the health effects of,
  • And, since it's dynamic, and done in real time, it allows the Doctor or technician to “look around” from different angles and even observe how things look when the you move your arm

(This last, real-time, dynamic aspect, of the scan can be especially useful for observing how well the underlying RadioCapitellar Joint moves, and observe other tissues in motion and under load.)

It seems to have a lot of potential for diagnosing – and especially assessing the severity of Tennis Elbow, and similar Tendinopathies.

However, it also seems to be rarely-used for this purpose, at least here in the United States. (For reasons I still don't fully understand.)

Here's my more detailed exploration of this topic on my Quora Blog:

Why Aren't Sonograms Used More Often To Diagnose Tennis Elbow? by Allen Willette on Tennis Elbow Treatment

And for an even more in-depth look, here's an article I wrote covering this question (about why it isn't routinely offered) and related questions about Sonograms for Tennis Elbow:

The Simple Tennis Elbow Diagnostic Test Your Doctor Won't Give You

What are the advantages of using ultrasound imaging vs. MRI to analyze a tendinopathy at the lateral epicondyle of the humerus?

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Why Aren’t Sonograms Used More Often To Diagnose Tennis Elbow?

Diagnostic Ultrasound Scan Tennis Elbow

My @Quora post: Why Aren’t Sonograms Used More Often?

Why isn’t Diagnostic Ultrasound / Ultrasonography used much more often in Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow diagnostics and assessment?

Post by Allen Willette:

Why Aren’t Sonograms Used More Often To Diagnose Tennis Elbow?

Why Aren’t Sonograms Used More Often To Diagnose Tennis Elbow?

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What Are The Best Self-Massage Techniques For Tennis Elbow?


What Are The Best Self Massage Techniques For Tennis Elbow

Learn why Advanced Massage Therapy Techniques are the best way to treat your own Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s Elbow…

And discover the most powerful self-massage methods to use – Straight from an experienced, professional Neuromuscular Massage Therapist, who treats these injuries every day. Continue Reading »

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How Is Lateral Epicondylitis Treated In Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy in the Treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis

If you have Tennis Elbow and go to see your Doctor for diagnosis and treatment, it’s very likely that you’ll be given a prescription for Physical Therapy treatments.

But, the question is: How likely are those treatment to help you fully recover?

(Or to at least to put you well on your way to healing and recovery in a reasonable period of time.)

And what if you’ve already been through a series of visits and it didn’t help you – What do you do NOW?

There’s no doubt that Physical or ‘Physiotherapy’ treatments help some Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow sufferers recover…

However, in my experience, working directly with hundreds of Golfer’s and Tennis Elbow sufferers for about 15 years…

And from what I’ve gathered from talking with my Tennis Elbow Classroom program members, Physical Therapy also seems to let a lot of people down…

And in many cases, that’s after dozens of visits, MONTHS of hard work and precious wasted time and energy – that’s gone forever.

NOT to disparage hard-working and well-meaning Physical Therapists.

Tennis Elbow is a stubborn, difficult to treat injury – and my skepticism and criticism has to do with the overall Medical System and how it looks at and treats these kinds of injuries.

And since Physical Therapy is under the umbrella of the Allopathic Medicine and its symptom-obsessed Model, there’s quite a lot to criticize. Including how that system, in a way, ties the hands of its practitioners.

So, let’s begin with a look at HOW Tennis Elbow is typically treated…

This podcast episode covers:

  • How is Tennis Elbow / Lateral Epicondylitis typically treated in Physical Therapy?
  • What are the techniques or ‘Modalities’ often used?
  • Is anything missing from this typical treatment protocol?
  • And are there Tennis Elbow rehab exercises you can do at home?

For the full, detailed article please visit:

How Effective Is Physical Therapy For Treating Tennis Elbow?

For the YouTube version of this podcast, visit:

Physical Therapy And Tennis Elbow [VIDEO]

Follow me here for more podcast episodes or on your favorite platform:

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Don’t Get Sidelined By Tennis Elbow This Season!

Tennis Elbow symptoms and warning signs

It’s that time of year again when many people get back out on the tennis courts and golf courses and start swinging, volleying, chipping and driving!

Many call it spring – but I call it Tennis Elbow Season!

Continue Reading »

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Look Out! It’s Tennis Elbow Season – Warning Signs Of Tennis And Golfer’s Elbow

Watch on YouTube here: Look Out! It’s Tennis Elbow Season – Warning Signs Of Tennis And Golfer’s Elbow

Via Tennis Elbow Classroom

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