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Treatment for Tennis Elbow: Braces – Bad Idea

Should you wear a brace as a treatment for Tennis Elbow?

There are all kind of braces, splints, wraps, straps and taping techniques often recommended to you when you have Tennis Elbow…

But I’m just going to tell it to you straight: I think the only these “supports” support most of the time is the revenue of those who make and sell them. (Notice the absence of ads for such things here.)

This video explains why they are not helpful (most of the time) – And how they can even slow your healing and recovery.

More about treatment for Tennis Elbow including dozens of articles and videos.

Tennis Elbow Treatment Program Card ImageFor a complete, self-help video program to help you break the vicious Tennis Elbow cycle – and end the pain finally and forever, please visit Tennis Elbow Classroom


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