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How Is Lateral Epicondylitis Treated In Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy in the Treatment of Lateral Epicondylitis

If you have Tennis Elbow and go to see your Doctor for diagnosis and treatment, it’s very likely that you’ll be given a prescription for Physical Therapy treatments.

But, the question is: How likely are those treatment to help you fully recover?

(Or to at least to put you well on your way to healing and recovery in a reasonable period of time.)

And what if you’ve already been through a series of visits and it didn’t help you – What do you do NOW?

There’s no doubt that Physical or ‘Physiotherapy’ treatments help some Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow sufferers recover…

However, in my experience, working directly with hundreds of Golfer’s and Tennis Elbow sufferers for about 15 years…

And from what I’ve gathered from talking with my Tennis Elbow Classroom program members, Physical Therapy also seems to let a lot of people down…

And in many cases, that’s after dozens of visits, MONTHS of hard work and precious wasted time and energy – that’s gone forever.

NOT to disparage hard-working and well-meaning Physical Therapists.

Tennis Elbow is a stubborn, difficult to treat injury – and my skepticism and criticism has to do with the overall Medical System and how it looks at and treats these kinds of injuries.

And since Physical Therapy is under the umbrella of the Allopathic Medicine and its symptom-obsessed Model, there’s quite a lot to criticize. Including how that system, in a way, ties the hands of its practitioners.

So, let’s begin with a look at HOW Tennis Elbow is typically treated…

This podcast episode covers:

  • How is Tennis Elbow / Lateral Epicondylitis typically treated in Physical Therapy?
  • What are the techniques or ‘Modalities’ often used?
  • Is anything missing from this typical treatment protocol?
  • And are there Tennis Elbow rehab exercises you can do at home?

For the full, detailed article please visit:

How Effective Is Physical Therapy For Treating Tennis Elbow?

For the YouTube version of this podcast, visit:

Physical Therapy And Tennis Elbow [VIDEO]

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How Effective Is Physical Therapy In The Treatment Of Tennis Elbow Injuries?

View on Youtube: Physical Therapy For Tennis Elbow: What If It Doesn’t Help?

If your Doctor prescribes Physical Therapy for your Tennis Elbow, but it doesn’t help – What then?

OR if you’ve yet to see your Doctor, how likely are Physical Therapy treatments to help you fully recover from your Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow?

(Or at least put you well on your way to healing and recovery in a reasonable period of time?)

In this podcast video, Allen Willette, from Tennis Elbow Classroom, addresses these difficult (and potentially controversial) questions, including:

First of all, how is Lateral Epicondylitis or ‘Tennis Elbow’ treated in a P.T. or Physiotherapy clinic?

Physical Therapy is a system for rehabilitation that has many different applications and treatments known as ‘Modalities.’

And here are the top five most common Physical Therapy Modalities used to treat and rehabilitate Tennis Elbow.

  1. Therapeutic Exercise – Rehab exercises that you do in the clinic with machines, weights or various resistance devices (and likely later on your own at home.)

  2. Cryotherapy – Ice and cold packs, ostensibly to “reduce” inflammation, (however inflammation is a natural part of the healing process, and not even significantly present in most Tennis Elbow cases.)

  3. Therapeutic Ultrasound or Ultrasonography – Ultrasound uses sound waves to heat or “stimulate” the muscles and tendons or other tissues involved.

  4. Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy – A more powerful sound or “shockwave” that’s used to stimulate the tendons.

  5. E-stim / Electrical Stimulation (or Electrotherapy) – Electrodes are attached to your skin and a current is pulsed through them into your muscles causing them to involuntarily contract.

If you have Tennis Elbow and see your Doctor for it, there’s a good chance you’ll be prescribed a series of Physical Therapy treatments (along with Anti-inflammatory pills and a brace.)

Now, there’s no question that P.T. or ‘Physiotherapy’ treatment helps some Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow sufferers recover…

However, it also seems to dissapoint a large number of sufferers – And in many cases that’s after dozens of clinical visits, MONTHS of hard work and lost time and energy that’s gone forever.

Why is it that clinical Physical Therapy treatments often don’t help Tennis Elbow sufferers recover?

There’s a key part that’s often missing, in my opinion. See the full article for my rationale.

Read the full article: How Effective Is P.T. for Tennis Elbow?

(Originally published on: https://tenniselbowclassroom.com )

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Don’t Get Sidelined By Tennis Elbow This Season!

Tennis Elbow symptoms and warning signs

It’s that time of year again when many people get back out on the tennis courts and golf courses and start swinging, volleying, chipping and driving!

Many call it spring – but I call it Tennis Elbow Season!

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Look Out! It’s Tennis Elbow Season – Warning Signs Of Tennis And Golfer’s Elbow

Watch on YouTube here: Look Out! It’s Tennis Elbow Season – Warning Signs Of Tennis And Golfer’s Elbow

Via Tennis Elbow Classroom

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Do I Need Surgery For My Lateral Epicondylitis?

In this video Philipp Streubel, M.D., of the UNMC College of Medicine, explains when to consider Tennis Elbow surgery – And reveals that it resolves on it’s own 90% of the time without surgical intervention.

Should I Have Surgery For My Lateral Epicondylitis? was originally published on: https://tenniselbowclassroom.com (Read the full article there.)

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Demo Of Minimally-Invasive FAST Tennis Elbow Surgical Procedure

In this video Surgeon, Dr. R. Jeffrey Cole presents the Tenex FAST procedure for Tennis Elbow surgery revealing that in most cases of Lateral Epicondylitis, “Rather than inflammation or Tendonitis, degeneration and scarring are present withing the deep under surface of the tendon,” – Stating that this damage can be quickly and easily repaired using this newer, less-invasive surgical procedure.

Demo Of Minimally-Invasive FAST Tennis Elbow Surgical Procedure was originally published on: https://tenniselbowclassroom.com (Read the full article there.)

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Wrist Pain With Biceps Curls: What Causes It And What To Do About It

For those of you who lift weights, Jeff is a good trainer to listen to. In this video he describes a type of wrist pain that’s common to weight lifters involving the Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex, which includes cartilage and ligaments that are sometimes strained and torn.

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