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Why Tennis Elbow Exercises Don’t Always Help

What If Tennis Elbow Exercises Don’t Work And They Only Make Your Elbow Pain Worse?

The essential exercises every Tennis Elbow sufferer needs are easy enough to learn – But it’s not always so easy to know when the right time is to do them.

If you begin your exercises at the right point in your healing process they should help your rehab and recovery from your Elbow Tendonitis…

BUT, if you do them at the wrong time they can all too easily aggravate your injury, cause you more pain and set you back in your recovery.

Read the full article with video on Tennis Elbow Exercises here (And over a dozen more articles and videos.)

Link to video on YouTube: Tennis Elbow Exercise Mistakes

Tennis Elbow Exercise Myths And Misconceptions

  1. “Get the inflammation down first!”
  2. “Rest it for several weeks – Or even longer before exercising”
  3. “Just Do It! What are you waiting for? – No pain, no gain!”

These are some of the most common recommendations you’ll get from medical, fitness and rehab professionals when it comes to the question of when to start rehab exercises for your Tennis Elbow.

But they’re all misconceptions, because none of them take into consideration how tendons heal (or fail to heal) in reality. Watch the video above to learn why.

Full article and video

Tennis Elbow Treatment Program Card ImageYou’ll also find a complete, self-help video program of therapies, stretches and exercises designed to help you break your vicious Tennis Elbow cycle – and finally put an end to your pain at TennisElbowClassroom.com


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