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Tennis Elbow Healing: How Long Does It Take – Weeks, Months Or YEARS!?

Some Tennis Elbow injuries take just weeks to heal, while others take months – even years! And a quick search of medical websites reveals a wide range of “typical” recovery times, and no single, solid answer. Why is that?

How Long Does Tennis Elbow Take To Heal

For my full article with a 2nd, longer video as well as a podcast, visit:

How long SHOULD it take to recover from Tennis Elbow?

Or watch on Youtube: Tennis Elbow Healing: What’s Taking So Long?

Web-MD and other medical websites cite a wide and contradictory range of “average recovery times” – from weeks to years.

Are these generic prognoses in any way meaningful?

Is there such a thing as a typical or average recovery time for ‘Lateral Epicondylitis’ / Tennis Elbow in the first place?

Links To Consumer Medical Sites On Tennis Elbow Recovery Times:

WebMD says: “6-12 months to heal”


CIGNA says: “6-12 months, but in some cases, 2 years or longer!”


National Health Services, U.K. claims that:

“Tennis Elbow is a ‘self-limiting condition’ that often gets better all by itself without treatment, but can persist for over a year”


And a ‘Patient Information Sheet’ from The British Medical Journal Blog, says:

“1-3 Months – but recurrences are common” [no link]

One obvious reason for the wide range of projected healing times is due to the fact that the severity of the injury can vary significantly.

Another is that choice of treatment, (if any) varies a great deal from case to case.

It’s also important to remember that healing capacity slows with age.

But the real essence of the matter is that:

  1. Tennis Elbow is a tendon injury…
  2. And Tendons heal slowly and unpredictably, by nature.

Listen to and download this podcast on Tennis Elbow healing on my SoundCloud channel.

Or see my answer on Quora:

How long does Tennis Elbow take to heal?


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