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The Tennis Elbow Inflammation Fallacy Part 2: Proof It’s Not Inflammatory

VIDEO #3 In The “Two-Minute Tennis Elbow Tutorial” Series

Is your Tennis Elbow “Inflamed?” – Probably not. Here’s the proof Tennis Elbow is NOT an inflammatory condition, and why the inflammation-fighting treatment approach is a dead end, and may do you more harm than good.

Here’s part one of The Inflammation Fallacy

Smashing The Inflammation Myth

Medical researchers have shown that the vast majority of Tennis Elbow cases do not involve any significant inflammation, and are actually degenerative in nature…

And therefore should no longer be referred to as TendonITIS, EpicondylITIS – Or anything ending with “ITIS” that would suggest an inflammatory condition.

The simple fact is, any time there’s injury to muscle, tendon, skin or bone, inflammation is the first step in the healing process – And without it there is no healing.

So, you can stop chasing, fighting and worrying about inflammation now if you have Tennis Elbow!

  • No more wet, chilly ice,
  • No more stomach-churning pills and,
  • No more damaging Cortisone shots.

Links to the sources I quoted and more, can be found in this detailed article:

Tossing The Tennis Elbow Inflammation Myth Article And Video

Audio Only Podcast Version

“Two-Minute Tennis Elbow Tutorials” series playlist on SoundCloud

And here’s the playlist on YouTube:

Two-Minute Tennis Elbow Tutorials


One comment on “The Tennis Elbow Inflammation Fallacy Part 2: Proof It’s Not Inflammatory

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