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Tennis Elbow Treatment: R.I.C.E. + Rest = Rust?

Does rest have any real value in treating your Tennis Elbow?

Treatment of Tennis Elbow: Rest Is Rust

Treating Tennis Elbow: Rest Is Rust

You usually hear how important it is to rest it as much as you can “While it heals”

But the belief that healing will “just happen” in a nice, orderly fashion while you’re resting, hoping and waiting is often wishful thinking when it comes to tendon injuries like Tennis Elbow.

See the full post: How essential is rest in the treatment of Tennis Elbow? (Video and podcast)

And learn why “You should rest it!” is not necessarily very helpful advice when treating these tendon problems (especially since it’s often Tendinosis)…

Hopefully before you waste several months resting – only to find your injury is no better.

Video: Why You Don’t Need To Rest Your Tennis Elbow

Watch this video on my channel: Forget Rest When Treating Your Tennis Elbow

See the full post with video and podcast on rest and Tennis Elbow Treatment along with dozens more posts, podcasts and videos.

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