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So, Your Elbow Hurts From Walking Your Dog?

Elbow injuries from dog walking

It’s a beautiful day and you’re out enjoying it, walking your dog.

Distracted momentarily, as you fumble to answer your phone, you’re suddenly jerked forward by the leash…

Your dog has bolted in pursuit of a distant, furry rodent and has taken you along for the ride!

You feel a sharp, sudden pain in your hand, elbow and shoulder from the leash, wrapped around your wrist…

And later that night it’s aching so badly you can’t even sleep.

Or maybe there was no specific, sudden “event” and your problem seems to have crept up on you from simply holding and pulling on your dog’s leash day after day…

Perhaps exacerbated by countless hours of tossing a tennis ball to your dog.

And what you feel is that your hand, wrist and/or elbow has become increasingly sore and painful.

And the muscles in your forearm have become so persistently tight they never seem to fully relax!

Either way, whether it happened quickly – from a big, sudden jerk on the leash…

Or slowly – from countless hours gripping and pulling that leash and tossing tennis balls…

You may be suffering from the modern malady known as “Dog Walker’s Elbow!”

Read the rest of the article here:

Dog Walker’s Elbow? The Key To Healing Leash-Related Injuries Of The Wrist, Hand And Elbow

(Originally published on: https://tenniselbowclassroom.com )

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