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Overcoming Piano-Related Pain And Injury (RSIs) Tendonitis, Etc.

Podcast Cover: Piano-Related Injuries

As a piano or keyboard player is there anything worse than being injured – Especially if you’re a pro musician?

Painful injuries, like Tendinitis, DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – Even Golfer’s and Tennis Elbow are the curse of so many pianists (and other musicians.)

Maybe you’re just beginning to experience pain in your fingers, wrists or elbows and are starting to worry about whether you have an injury – Especially a tendon injury…

If so, you’re also probably struggling with the question of whether you need to stop playing (not necessarily) – And how you’re going to pay the bills if you do have to stop…

Even if playing the piano is more of a hobby and not your profession, (and you’re not as stressed out about the pain) – It can still suck the joy out of playing, can’t it?

So, in the spirit of helping you figure this out and find the right treatment path and strategy, here are the questions and topics we’re going to cover in the article:

Outline / Table Of Contents

  • Can you get Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow from playing piano? — Tennis Elbow?
  • The truth about “Tendonitis” / inflammation — Tendonitis Truth
  • The myth of “Total Rest” — Rest Myth
  • The missing link in piano RSI treatment — Missing Link
  • The standard treatment approach — Standard Approach
  • A better treatment strategy — Better Approach
  • Correcting technique and postural problems — Piano Technique

Read the full, original article here:

Overcoming Piano Related Pain: Finger, Wrist And Elbow Injuries — The Missing Link

Piano-Related Injuries Podcast Episode

See also: This interview with Pianist Andrew Furmanczyk on dealing with piano-related injuries, including his recovery story.

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