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Acupuncture For Treating Tennis Elbow

Is Acupuncture effective in helping Tennis Elbow heal – Or is it just a way to relieve pain? Evidence suggests it may help relieve Tennis Elbow pain – But the big question is “Will Acupuncture help you heal?”

There seems to be plenty of evidence that Acupuncture can relieve the pain of Tennis Elbow – And, in that sense, it’s a much healthier alternative than pills or shots – But the big question is…

“Will Acupuncture help your Tennis Elbow heal?”

Sure, there are a host of things that can temporarily relieve your Tennis or Golfer’s Elbow pain, like anti-inflammatory pills, Cortisone shots and ice therapy…

But those “treatments” have no positive healing benefits – They just suppress your symptoms.

And, unfortunately, symptom suppression does not equal healing.

Is Acupuncture different? Does it actually promote healing?

Read the full article on Acupuncture and Tennis Elbow

(Originally published at Tennis Elbow Classroom)

And for MORE Tennis Elbow Treatment related Vimeo videos, here’s my playlist on the subject:

Tennis Elbow Treatment Video Playlist

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