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Tennis Elbow Supplements: Are They Effective And Useful – Or Just A Waste Of Money?

Are there any Vitamins, nutrients or supplements you can take to help your Tennis Elbow heal?

Sooner or later; sometime between the anti-inflammatory pills, the ice packs and getting the brace (and trying to figure out just what IS the right treatment strategy for Tennis Elbow ) you’re going to start asking yourself:

“Is there anything I should be taking to support my healing process, give me some pain relief and help me recover from my Tennis Elbow injury faster?”

And you’ll come across all sorts of claims on the Internet about this, that or the other vitamin or supplement helps – including but not limited to:

  • Basic Vitamins, like A,B,C and D
  • “Anti-inflammatory herbs” Bromelain, Turmeric Ginger
  • MSM and Glucosamine
  • Fish Oil / Omega 3s (and 6s + 9s) capsules,
  • Collagen supplements, including Shark Cartilage

It’s an important question but it leads too many desperate Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow sufferers down a rabbit hole chasing miracle cures.

Most of this stuff, like MSM, herbs, Collagen and anything claiming to be “Anti-inflammatory” is worthless garbage and a waste of money – At least when it comes to healing tendon injuries like Tennis Elbow!

Proper Nutrition Always Matters For Tendon Healing

However, with any injury or health problem you’re trying to heal and recover from, good nutrition always matters!

And when it comes to the damaged tendons involved in Golfer’s and Tennis Elbow, I think Vitamins C and D, and simple getting adequate protein are the key nutritional foundations.

There’s nothing wrong with thinking about A and B Vitamins, too, but these vitamins are very common in most reasonably healthy foods, so let’s talk about Vitamin C…

Tennis Elbow Supplements And Vitamins: Useful Remedy Or Waste Of Money? was originally published here: Read the full article on Tennis Elbow and supplements)


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