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What Are The Best Self-Massage Techniques For Tennis Elbow?


What Are The Best Self Massage Techniques For Tennis Elbow

Learn why Advanced Massage Therapy Techniques are the best way to treat your own Tennis Elbow or Golfer’s Elbow…

And discover the most powerful self-massage methods to use – Straight from an experienced, professional Neuromuscular Massage Therapist, who treats these injuries every day.

I truly believe Massage Therapy is the “Missing Link” when it comes to treating the true, underlying causes of Tennis Elbow.

And reversing that nasty, vicious injury cycle that few things touch – Literally, few things TOUCH at ALL, except, possibly in the most superficial way.

Because nothing else “get’s into” the muscle and tendon restrictions at the root of it better (Again, in my opinion, based on a great deal of experience.)

Nothing gets into and releases the “issues in the tissues,” like good, old-fashioned, hands-on Massage Therapy.

(Well, maybe not literally, “old fashioned” like Swedish Massage – I’m actually talking about more advanced techniques.)

Read the full post on Tennis Elbow and Self Massage here

(Originally published on: https://tenniselbowclassroom.com )


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