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The Muscular Causes Of Tennis And Golfer’s Elbow – Tennis Elbow 101

What Causes Golfer’s Elbow And Tennis Elbow?

What’s the insidious process by which repetitive motions, (whether related to work, tennis, golf or gardening) end up injuring you and causing you so much pain?

Watch on SoundCloud: The Muscular Causes Of Tennis And Golfer’s Elbow – Tennis Elbow 101 Via Tennis Elbow Classroom

In this episode we talk about the central role muscles play in causing the injury. (It’s no small part!)

First of all, Golfer’s Elbow and Tennis Elbow are muscle AND tendon injuries…

And although the tendon is where the most serious part of the injury is – (And what essentially defines the injury) let’s make sure we understand what the difference is between a muscle and a tendon.

Why does that matter? Because, although muscles and tendons are two parts of the same unit, they are made of different materials – and they have difference purposes.

Another big difference between them is that they heal at different rates. Tendons, unfortunately, heal much more slowly than muscles…

Get The Tennis Elbow 101 Video Course

This podcast episode is part of a mini series, which is taken from my video course, Tennis Elbow 101.

This episode is audio only – But if you’d prefer to watch the videos instead, (and to get the most out of the course, since some of it is visual) here’s where you can learn more and subscribe:


Tennis Elbow 101 is a free, “beginners” educational video series for both Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow sufferers.

This course is also for those who have been struggling with their injuries for months and looking for a better perspective!

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