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Why Are Golfer’s And Tennis Elbow So Challenging? – Tennis Elbow 101 – [Podcast]

Tendon injuries like Golfer’s Elbow and Tennis Elbow are notorious for not healing easily or well – But why is that the case? Why are they often so stubborn and challenging to recover from?

(This is the big picture view, which we’ll build on in later episodes – Honestly, I think I’m a little long-winded in this one!)…

Listen on SoundCloud here: Why Is Tennis Elbow So Challenging? – Tennis Elbow 101

Via Tennis Elbow Classroom

Get The Tennis Elbow 101 Video Course

This podcast episode is part of a mini series, which is taken from my video course, Tennis Elbow 101.

This episode is audio only – But if you’d prefer to watch the videos instead, (and to get the most out of the course, since some of it is visual) here’s where you can learn more and subscribe:

Learn more about Tennis Elbow 101

Tennis Elbow 101 is a free, “beginners” educational video series for both Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow sufferers. This course is also for those who have been struggling with their injuries for months and looking for a better perspective!

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