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Podcast: Cortisone Shots And Lateral Epicondylitis: Big Mistake

Cortisone shots podcast artwork
In the treatment of Tennis Elbow, the Cortisone shot is the go-to quick fix, often instantly erasing pain, almost like magic.

Research reveals, however, that the powerful but often fleeting benefits of Cortisone can come at a very high price in the form of long-term and sometimes very serious consequences to your tendons.

In this Tennis Elbow Classroom Podcast episode: Do Corticosteroid injections offer any tangible, lasting benefits to the healing process of your Lateral Epicondylitis, then?

Or is the promise of Cortisone’s instant relief little more than a deceptive mirage lulling you into a false sense of well being – until the illusion dissolves with your next relapse?

Here’s why getting the shot – especially multiple shots, may the worst mistake you could make!

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