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When Should You Consider Tennis Elbow Surgery?

Tennis Elbow Surgery 640
If you have a stubborn, chronic case of Golfer’s or Tennis Elbow, when should you start thinking about surgery? – If you’re like most, you regard surgery as a last resort – A serious decision not to be rushed into or taken lightly.

So how do you know when it’s time? – That you’ve truly exhausted your more conservative options and you’ve done all you can? Here are some important things to think about before you make your decision about surgery…

Here’s the full article: When should you have surgery for Tennis Elbow?

Here Are Five Key Things To Consider About Surgery, In A Short Summary:

  1. Are you a “good candidate” for Tennis Elbow surgery? – (Is your case of Golfer’s or Tennis Elbow severe enough to warrant surgery?)

  2. It’s a big investment with no guarantee – (The success rate for Tennis Elbow surgery is fairly high – but it doesn’t always succeed)

  3. There’s a long recovery time – (You’ll be facing a significant post-surgical recovery period and months of rehab time)

  4. The surgical placebo effect – (Are you aware that even surgery has a well-documented, often significant placebo effect!?)

  5. Are you SURE you need it? – (Are you sure it’s the last resort – you’ve tried everything and you really need Tennis Elbow surgery?)

And for the FULL article click here

There are also several different types of surgery to choose from, including: Open surgery vs. closed / Arthroscopic, the new ‘Tenex’ procedure and the semi-surgical therapies like Platelet-Rich Plasma, Prolotherapy, and Fenestration, but that’s a topic I will have to cover in another article!


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