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Can You Get Tennis Elbow From Yard Work?

Yard work is a great way to get exercise in the fall.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: 6abc.com

Yes, you can certainly develop Tennis Elbow (or Golfer’s Elbow) from doing yard work, whether raking leaves, gardening or snow shoveling.

Suddenly doing a lot of something you’re not conditioned or “used to” doing can be a recipe for muscle and tendon overload.

That overload or “over use” can result in simple muscle fatigue and soreness, tendon pain or outright tendon injury.

Think twice about following the common wisdom / standard advice offered in this news story, however – especially when it comes to ice, anti-inflammatory pills and braces.

These “treatments” are only going to mask your symptoms. Here’s why icing doesn’t actually make sense, first of all:


See on Scoop.itAbout Tennis Elbow


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