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PRP And Inflammation… Airplanes, Cabin Pressure And Swollen Joints

An inflammatory response to Forte knee treatment athletic trainer and physical therapist – By John Doherty

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.nwitimes.com

Interesting article about running back Matt Forte, his knee ligament injury and skipping a flight.

The decreased pressure inside an airplane (lower than I realized!) and joint swelling (and any kind of circulatory issue) are not a good combination.

(Something to always keep that in mind if you’ve recently had joint surgery and are considering flying.)

And this columnist, John Doherty, an athletic trainer and physical therapist, totally gets that Tennis Elbow is not an inflammatory condition! Which is what really got my attention:

"PRP is supposed to work by triggering an inflammatory response — inflammation is the first step in healing."

"That it works on tennis elbow makes perfect sense. Tennis elbow is a degenerative condition marked by an absence of inflammation."

Like I’ve been saying, inflammation is part of the healing process of injured tissues – NOT something to suppress – Especially when it’s missing in the first place with Tennis and Golfer’s Elbow!


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