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PRP – Does The Shot Help Athletes Heal Faster Or Is It Just Overpriced Hype?

Perhaps the most famous sports event that brought the medical acronym “PRP” into the media spotlight was the 2009 Super Bowl. Just weeks after suffering a sprained medial collateral ligament, Pitts…

Sourced through Scoop.it from: uofmhealthblogs.org

PRP appears to hold great potential for treating Tennis Elbow and other muscle, tendon and ligament-related sports injuries – At least its growing popularity suggests it does – But the evidence is unfortunately in short supply.

(PRP, Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy is a is a minimally-invasive injection procedure that uses your own blood.)

Hopefully Dr. Jon Jacobson, (an M.D. in the Radiology Dept. at the University of Michigan Medical School) will shed some light on the subject with the study he’s conducting.


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And for a more detailed look, including my own take on it, see my latest post on Platelet-Rich Plasma here:

Does PRP Work In Treating Tennis Elbow?

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