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Platelet-Rich Plasma For Tennis Elbow And Other Tendon Injuries [Short, Concise Video By Dr. Halpern]

Dr. Brian C. Halpern, Sports Medicine Physician at Hospital for Special Surgery, discusses how platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections may help treat injured b…

Sourced through Scoop.it from: www.youtube.com

Dr. Brian C. Halpern, Sports Medicine Physician at Hospital for Special Surgery, explains in this video how Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injection therapy may help treat soft tissue injuries, (tendons ligaments, etc.) like Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow.

The video (the most concise I’ve seen so far) explains the basic steps and shows a patient with Tennis Elbow receiving the treatment. (A needle is visible for a moment, but the injection is not shown. No blood is visible – Only an artist’s illustration of red blood cells and platelets.)

First blood is drawn from the patient, then spun in a centrifuge to concentrate the platelets (which contain growth and healing factors) and, finally the Platelet-Rich Plasma is injected into the patients injured tendons (or other tissues, as the case may be.)

At this time, there does not seem to be conclusive scientific evidence to prove that it works, but the upside is that it’s minimally invasive, uses a person’s own cells, and sounds very sensible and promising in theory.

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Does PRP Work In Treating Tennis Elbow?

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