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Who Is Tennis Elbow Tutor?

If you’ve been browsing my site or watching the videos on my Tennis Elbow Classroom YouTube channel, you may be wondering “Who’s this ‘Tennis Elbow Tutor’ guy?… What does he know about treating Tennis Elbow?… And why should you listen to me?” (You might also be wondering, “What’s this bee-sting thing you keep mentioning?”)

My name is Allen Willette, and in this video I finally share the incredibly frustrating experience of my ‘Wrist Extensor Tenosynovitis’ injury 25 years ago, all my struggles and crazy attempts to recover from it…

Including my desperate foray into Bee Sting / Bee Venom Therapy land – And how all of this led me to eventually specialize in treating tendon injuries myself, and why I became so passionate about Tennis Elbow.

(Which is why I often go by the screen name ‘Tennis Elbow Tutor,’ since that’s obviously what I’m all about – As in teaching people what to do and what not to do when it comes to Golfer’s Elbow and Tennis Elbow treatment and exercise.)

My primary bio on my main site, Tennis Elbow Classroom:

G+ Profile (Allen Willette)

Tennis Elbow Classroom G+ Page:

Tennis Elbow Classroom FB Page:

Tennis Elbow Tutor on Twitter:


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