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Do Golfers Also Suffer Tennis Elbow Injuries?

Do Golfers Also Suffer Tennis Elbow Injuries?

Golf-oriented websites and medical studies seem to agree that golfers not only get Tennis Elbow frequently, they actually get injured by it more often than Golfer’s Elbow.

Sourced from: https://storify.com/TennisElbowTutr/golf-and-tennis-elbow

It’s counter-intuitive: Don’t golfers get Golfer’s Elbow more often than “Tennis Elbow” – Apparently not! (With plenty of evidence backing it up.)

Here’s my podcast on this subject, where I do my best to explain why this injury is so common among golfers:

And for a full-length answer to this question, including these related questions:

  • What’s The Difference Between Tennis Elbow and Golfer’s Elbow?
  • How Do Golfer’s Develop This Injury?
  • Why Tennis Elbow More Often Than Golfer’s Elbow?
  • And Why Golfers Should Take Tennis Elbow More Seriously

Please read this post at Tennis Elbow Classroom


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