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Yoga Injuries And Joint Hypermobility

Yoga Related Elbow Injuries

Views from 5 Yoga experts on Yoga injury risks – Especially Elbow Hyperextension injuries in Hypermobile Women.

Source: storify.com

Allen Willette, of Tennis Elbow Classroom, explores some of the risks of Yoga-related injury; compiling advice and perspectives from five (+) Yoga authorities on avoiding elbow, wrist and other joint injuries while practicing Yoga – Especially of concern for hypermobile Women.

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If you practice Yoga, and have a degree of joint Hypermobility, be careful that you don’t “Hyperextend” your elbows, especially in certain upper-body, weight-bearing positions.

This may be particularly important if you have Tennis Elbow – In which case, it might be wise to temporarily avoid these and a few other “extended elbow” poses. (Where you’re putting weight on your arms.)

If you have a tendency toward Hypermobility due to Ligament Laxity (looseness) it’s possible to damage your elbow joint by overstretching already lax ligaments.


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