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Why Isn’t Your Tennis Elbow Injury Healing?

VIDEO 4 In The “Two-Minute Tennis Elbow Tutorials” Series

If your Tennis Elbow hasn’t improved in several months or longer you’re probably wondering why it hasn’t healed by now – Or if it’s healing at all!…

Chances are, you’re finding out (the hard way, with great frustration!) it’s not enough to treat it drugs, ice, and braces – rest it a while – and expect it to heal, like they say…

The Two-Minute Tennis Elbow Tutorial Video Series

Why Your Tennis Elbow Still Hurts – The “Three D’s:”

In all likelihood, the reason your Tennis Elbow isn’t any better after several months or longer, despite your best efforts, is because of the three D’s:

  • Damage to your tendons,
  • The fact that the damage is usually Degeneration
  • And the Difficulty of reversing that damage!

The type of tendon injury damage most chronic Tennis Elbow sufferers have is Tendinosis – NOT Tendonitis – And that’s a whole different ballgame…

Here’s a link to the related article on my main site about:

How long it takes to recover from Tennis Elbow

Here’s the podcast version downloadable at SoundCloud: Tennis Elbow Podcast

Why Isnt My Tennis Elbow Healing?See also, my two tutorials on how Tennis Elbow is NOT inflammatory and isn’t Tendonitis or Epicondylitis (and why that matters so much):

Smashing The Inflammation Myth – Part One (The basic idea) and…

The Inflammation Myth Part Two – (With medical research quotes / proof)

And here’s the playlist on YouTube for the Two-Minute Tennis Elbow Tutorials

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