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Tennis Elbow Rehab Exercise – What’s The Goal?

Graphic: Exercise Goals In Tennis Elbow Rehab

Goals of Tennis Elbow Exercise

There are three essential goals of exercise in Tennis Elbow rehabilitation:

  • To strengthen your muscle,
  • To encourage healing of your tendon,
  • And to strengthen that injured tendon

This video examines how exercise is meant to help achieve each of these goals – and where it sometimes falls far short!

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VIDEO: Goals Of Exercise In Elbow Tendinosis Rehab

Is Exercise Alone Actually Enough To Reverse The Damage?

The most important goal in the healing and rehab of Tennis Elbow is the reversal of the degeneration process that usually defines the injury (Tendinosis not Tendonitis)

Medical researchers are searching for the perfect combination of exercise, duration, and intensity to reverse that degeneration, stimulate healing and repair, and strengthen that injured tendon…

But with so many variables involved they still don’t know what the perfect formula is.

Which begs the question: “Is exercise the most efficient way to heal your tendon? – Should it be your first priority or should it come later?”

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