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Does Treating Tennis Elbow With Cortisone Shots – Do More Harm Than Good?

The Cortisone shot is the very definition of the “quick fix” when it comes to treating Tennis Elbow – It can often almost magically “disappear” pain, sometimes giving full relief in the short term. But at what cost…

Video on why Cortisone may not be such a good treatment for Tennis Elbow

Image of Syringe: Cortisone Shots For The Treatment Of Tennis Elbow

Short-Term Tennis Elbow Relief – Long-Term Misery?

Research has clearly shown that the powerful but often fleeting benefits of Cortisone can come with a very high price tag in the form of long-term and sometimes quite serious consequences.

Is the temporary pain relief really worth it? – And does it actually have anything to do with healing your injury?…

(The article and video cites and links to a number of medical studies and papers on Corticosteroid Injection effects – Especially on Tennis Elbow.)

For a complete, self-help video program for treating all the muscle and tendon causes of your Tennis Elbow yourself at home visit: Tennis Elbow Classroom

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