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Causes Of Tennis Elbow: Muscle And Tendon Damage

True Tennis Elbow is caused by injury; by damage – to the tendons that connect to your outer elbow area (the Lateral Epicondyle.)

Photo: Causes of Tennis Elbow - Damage

Muscle and Tendon Damage Causes of Tennis Elbow

And often damage to the muscles of those tendons – the muscles that make up your outer forearm.

The tricky part is that the damage can come in several forms and they’re as different as night and day.

The three main kinds of injury or “damage” that cause Tennis Elbow are:

  1. Larger tears (Strain Injuries),
  2. Very tiny tears (Microtrauma) And…
  3. Degeneration (breakdown)

Let’s start with larger tears, and get that out of the way, since they’re a much less common cause of Tennis Elbow….

For the full article visit:

How Muscle And Tendon Damage Causes Tennis Elbow


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