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What Are The symptoms Of Tennis Elbow?

The Muscle And Tendon Symptoms Of Tennis Elbow

Photo of Tennis Elbow Symptoms

Tennis Elbow symptoms: Pain and soreness at the outer elbow [Lateral Epicondyle]

The symptoms of Tennis Elbow are most often tendon pain at the outer elbow area – and there is often pain, soreness and weakness in some or all of the muscles in your outer forearm, and even your wrist. What is Tennis Elbow?

The epicenter of the pain is usually felt right on the bony knob at the outer elbow [The Lateral Epicondyle] or just below it toward the wrist – The definitive “Tennis Elbow spot.” (See the photo.)

If the same thing is happening at your inner elbow, you may have Golfers Elbow instead of or in addition to your Tennis Elbow.

Most of the time the elbow pain starts gradually – Although if yours flared up in searing pain one day, seemingly without warning that’s not unheard of.

More about Tennis Elbow symptoms


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